Parents’ information

Many insurance companies offer a discount to students who have completed  the approved training program.

A Junior Driver's License may be changed to a regular, Non-Commercial Driver's License when you meet the following requirements:

Held a Junior Driver's License for 1 year,

Have not been convicted of any violation of the Vehicle Code,

Have not been in an accident for which you are partially or fully responsible

Have successfully completed a driver’s training course approved by the Department (30 hour classroom course and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training by an approved driver training school)

NOTE: A Junior Driver's License shall automatically become a Regular Driver's License when you turn 18 years old.

For information about licensing and drivers’ tests follow the link below:


Some excellent websites for information about teen driving are listed below:



PENNDOT requires parents or other qualified drivers to spend 50 hours with their teen before testing.  We encourage you to spend at least two to three times that amount of time.  For new drivers, more time driving with an experienced driver generally produces better, more qualified drivers.